Special air route opens for Diqing matsutake

As the CSS7194 flight landed at Shangri-La Airport on August 5, the special air route for fresh matsutake in northwest Yunnan’s Diqing was launched to connect mushroom pickers in the Tibetan autonomous prefecture with foodies […]

Kunming Area is accelerating the implementation of digital empowerment

Current situation: breakthrough in industrial digitization Industrial digitization has made great progress and breakthrough in different aspects: digital transformation of management and production chain has basically completed; exploration and breakthrough in “Industrial Internet” is launching; […]

Wild mushroom deals give rise to new professions

Starting in July, the thriving wild mushroom businesses at Muhuashui and other markets in Kunming, Yunnan province have given rise to new professionals, including mushroom-washing persons, mushroom cutters and live-streaming sales persons for fungi. An […]