Cross-border e-commerce transactions exceeded 6 million in Kunming Area

As of August 31, the cross-border e-commerce business volume of Economic and Technological Development Area (hereinafter referred to as “Jingkai Area”) of Kunming Comprehensive Bonded Zone achieved the “two breakthroughs” of 6 million orders and 60 million US dollars worth of goods, fulfilling this year’s target task four months ahead of schedule.

In 2019, the Management Committee of Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) invested and built a comprehensive service platform of China (Kunming) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone (Jingkai Area). In November 2020, cross-border e-commerce business was officially launched with the approval of customs in Jingkai Area. Since then, cross-border e-commerce 1210 and 9610 business has developed rapidly, especially this year, customs daily inspection orders have achieved a leap from 1,620 orders to 362,092 orders, and the current average daily orders are nearly 40,000 orders. According to the work program of Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone, the established target of cross-border e-commerce 9610 and 1210 business is 6 million orders and 60 million US dollars worth of goods. As of August 31, the inspection of over 6 million orders with a total value of 62.701 million US dollars had been carried out, fulfilling the target ahead of schedule.

Kunming HuiMei Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is a cross-border e-commerce enterprise that entered the Jingkai Area in October 2020. It is a professional logistics solution provider integrating air freight (inbound and outbound), maritime transport, land transport, import and export customs clearance, cargo handling and storage and other supporting operations. In 2020, this company and its partners achieved 4.2 million cross-border e-commerce business orders and 52.3 million US dollars trade, and the number reached 4.68 million orders and 51.09 million US dollars trade from Jan. to Aug. 2021.

Another brand, Thailand Napattiga, entered China’s market in Mar. 2014. It established Yunnan Napattiga Industry Co., Ltd. in Pu’er City and built a warehousing and logistics center. It has opened flagship stores online on Tmall,, Suning, Amazon and other platforms, and more than 60 offline stores. From Jul. 1 to Aug. 25 this year, Napatitiga International Supply Chain Co., Ltd. in China (Yunnan) Pilot FTZ completed import business worth about 210,000 RMB through cross-border e-commerce 1210 business.

At present, there are 48 cross-border e-commerce trading enterprises in the Jingkai Area. The main commodities of import trade are milk powder, cosmetics, daily necessities, red wine and rice, and the main import countries are Thailand and Sri Lanka. The main export commodities are daily necessities, mobile phone parts and clothing, mainly exported to Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh