Yunnan locals travel within their province

Amid new spikes in COVID19 infections nationwide, most local residents in Yunnan have chosen to travel within their own province in southwest China, which is home to many popular tourist destinations.

“We had planned to go to Shanghai Disneyland, but because of travel restrictions we chose Xishuangbanna at last, which turned out to be the right choice,” said a mother. She had a great summer vacation in the Dai autonomous prefecture in south Yunnan.

Vacationing hotels has become a new trend among tourists, especially the Banshan hotels. Such hotels were mostly built close to hills in tourist destinations, and rooms were booked out quickly.

With 80 tourist routes recommended, vacation goers can choose different places to travel. “The new routes and tourist products have met the needs of tourists in Yunnan and beyond, while boosting local tourism income,” said Zhu Bowei, chairman of the Kunming Travel Services Association.