Elephants reach home, “canteen” waiting for them

August 12 is World Elephant Day, a day set up to call for more attention and protection for elephants. Recently, the herd of 14 Asian elephants traveling northward have crossed the Yuanjiang River and returned to their suitable habitat. South Yunnan’s Pu ‘er City has stepped up the protection of Asian elephants, and specially built up a food source base for them.
As crops such as corn were matured in eaerly August, , two stray Asian elephants have arrived at the “elephant canteen” in Simao District of south Yunnan’s Pu ‘er City. These days, they frequented their “elephant canteen” to eat and left when they were full.
Local forestry and grass department has built an 80-ha elephant canteen since 2018, where corn, plantains, reeds, sugarcanes and others were planted for Asian elephants like to eat. The elephant canteen supplied Asian elephants a lot during the food shortage season.